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సిలువ ధ్యాన వాక్యములు .

TVBible Mission Messages, Videos

Bible Mission Special - బైబిలు మిషను ప్రత్యేకము

అయ్యగారి ప్రసంగములు, శిక్షణ భాగములు.

Mungamuri Devadasu Ayyagaru

M Devadas ayyagaru(born in Jegurupadu) is a gift of God for the people of Andhra Pradesh, India. He demonstrated all the Mighty Power of God to the nation. Please read a brief introduction here and complete profile will be available soon on this website.

eBibleMission - బైబిల్ మిషన్ ఇంటెర్నెట్ లో

Thank you for visiting Bible Mission Ministries. The website is dedicated to provide the literature, books, messages of Bible Mission, manifested by God to father M Devadas. You can listen Telugu Christian songs here.
Please kindly note that the scope of this website is limited to publish the teachings of "Bible Mission", but not related to the Administration of "Bible Mission".

Sannidhi Sampada (Wealth of Holy Presence of God)

Unique prayer pattern mandated for believers of Christ to directly talk to God. There are seven steps in this pattern. These steps results your life to be transformed as a Holy Bride. ... Workout

dove Maranatha! Do not Hate any Nation, Denomination, Religion or Person * Listen to Lord Jesus Christ * దేవా! నాకు కనబడుము, నాతో మాట్లాడుము. దేవా! అందరికి కనబడుము, అందరితో మాట్లాడుము - తధాస్థు. తెలుగు